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The hottest colored lenses are worn by the hottest influencers and are featured in the hottest magazines. Get the best influencers looks!


Shop Turquoise Dream

The gorgeous @stoicamada fell in love with Turquoise Dream and created a perfect winged eyeliner look.

The gorgeous @ancapuffpuff chose Turquoise Dream and created a perfect festival makeup look.

The very talented @alex21andra created a romantic look with our Turquoise Dream.

Shop Caramel Brown

The always so inspiring @madalinamerca is wearing our Caramel Brown lenses for her portrait photography project.

Shop Sapphire Blue

The beautiful @dianalexe chose Sapphire Blue and created a sweet, pastel makeup look.

Shop Silver Mist

We love how the Silver Mist lenses are complementing @alexmake_up look.

Shop Royal Blue

@addda.m and @cristinalmasan both look stunning in our Royal Blue lenses.

Shop Silver Mist

@itsmayapop looks fierce wearing our Silver Mist lenses.

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