A guide to non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes and other colors

lentile de contact naturale

It’s never been easier to express our personality and uniqueness through clothes, accessories, and other fashionable items that give us so much pleasure to experiment with. But our style choices are not limited only to our clothes, shoes, or hair style and color. We can also make a radical change, or if we want, a more subtle change, to our eye color. They can really add value to our new look, and it is not that complicated.

Nowadays, the cosmetic contact lenses are easier to wear, made with higher quality materials, and have more color diversity than ever. Non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes and other eye colors are becoming more and more popular, as they can easily make your eyes and look pop.

No matter what lenses model you choose though, you must think about safety, getting your money’s worth, buying them from a reputable source, and also learn all you need to know about wearing contact lenses, and keeping them clean. After all, even when they don’t have optical properties and they are not worn for corrective purposes, they are still medical devices, they come in direct contact with your eyes and your health and safety are very important. You don’t want a bad experience wearing contacts. so a consultation with a doctor and taking proper care of your eyes is a must.

Learning about the types of lenses you can buy and wear, will open your eyes to the possibilities of changing your looks to fit your style, the occasion, your hair color. You can choose translucent colored lens, that only partially covers your iris, and thus it won’t
completely change the color of your eyes, but they can enhance the look of your eyes, by making the color more vibrant, to the degree you want it to. The better the quality of the non prescription colored contacts for your brown eyes, the better looking the result will be, and more realistic. On the other hand, opaque contact lenses will completely cover your natural eye color, covering your iris. This gives you the opportunity to go with whatever eye color you want, it doesn’t have to be your natural eye color anymore.

For a first time contact lens wearer, they might be uncomfortable at first, after all, the eyes are not used to having a foreign object on the pupil. So this is something normal, and the feeling should disappear in a week or two. In case you experience discomfort for a longer period of time, or any issues, you must immediately contact your eye doctor.

Keep in mind before purchasing your very first set on lenses, that they have a wear schedule for how long they can be worn, from one day, for the daily disposable lenses, to two weeks or a month, depending on the model. You must avoid wearing them for longer than specified, or during the night, to avoid any damage, as they inevitably collect dust and debris by wearing them.

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