Wear non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes to make the change you wanted

contact lens color

With more and more models of contact lenses on the market, people are having a lot of questions, whether we are talking of prescription medical lenses or plano cosmetic contacts. It is good to know that you can also have both, colored contact lenses with corrective role, this way you can marry both style and function, with vision correction. Thus you can wear contact lenses even if your vision is very good, or whether you are a current contact lens wearer, you can choose to wear contact lenses. There aren’t many differences between the two, mainly you have the color that is applied to them, and maybe some added thickness for the colored contacts.

It is important to mention that you might consider getting an eye exam with a doctor when deciding to get contact lenses, this way you can find out whether there are some underlying problems, or all the info and advice you need.

Contact Lenses Colours

There are so many models and options to choose from, finding your perfect lens won’t be a problem, you can choose non prescription lenses for brown eyes to add subtle enhancements to your eye color, making them more appealing, or you can choose an opaque model of contacts to completely change your eye color, regardless of your current color. The color you choose can be a natural eye color, one to complement your complexion and you hair color, or you can be as bold as you want and choose a more unique tint to color your contacts.

Whatever your option is, it is important to learn a few things about how to properly care for your lenses, and also the case you are choosing. None of them can be used infinitely, they have a particular duration they can be used, the case is usually replaced every three months, and the lenses can be discarded every two weeks or one month. But you can also choose to wear daily disposable lenses, these don’t have to be taken care of, you will dispose them at the end of the day. It is important you wear the lenses only during the day, and not while you sleep.

The Quality of Coloured contact Lenses

When purchasing quality non prescription colored contacts for dark eyes , non prescription colored contacts for light eyes  or any other type of colored contact lenses without prescription you will be assured you don’t put your health and comfort at risk, and always get the appropriate advice on what and how to wear contacts.

Your have so many choices now to choose from, and you can pick the coloured contacts lens model wisely to fit your needs, style, lifestyle and budget. From the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes to intense colorful contact lenses or contact lenses halloween for a fancy dress party, you should check an eye care professional that will conduct a proper exam of your eyes in order to let you know what contact lenses coloured pair is the best for your eyes. Lenses with prescription or without are a very sensitive product for the natural eye so you need to make sure that eye care comes first. Just make sure that the contact lens provider is very honest and serious about the lenses they provide, that they are CE approved, and you can see that on their website. Besides this, most professional website have real photos (for which their have rights reserved) that show the eye contacts color on real eyes, and are not made up, or just borrowed from their manufacturer.

Choosing your coloured contact lenses

Besides the fancy dress that you are going to wear tonight, you get get on some color contact lenses to complete your look. Coloured eye contacts don’t have to be too obvious to get the right effect. Color lenses can provide you a natural eye colour from dark brown to light brown, or you can go for extreme changes from your natural eye colour to blue colored eye contacts that will definitely outrun any fancy dress 🙂

Contact lenses that are meant to change your eye colour can be opaque, and completely change your eyes, or can be semi-transparent so that they will look very natural on you. Serious contact lens provided will have a before and after section on their website that will help you choose your pair of lenses that will offer you the results you are looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Check out some coloured contact lenses sites, see the contact lenses color range and check their before and after section in order to choose your pair of lenses.

What do you need to ask yourself before choosing the right coloured contact lenses ?

First of all, why do you want to wear coloured contact lenses? Where do you want to wear the coloured contact lenses, at the office or on a costume party? Do you want to get a dramatic change or a more natural look wearing contact lenses? What contact lenses colors would you like? Do you have dark eyes or light eyes? You do realize that coloured contact lenses look more intense on light eyes than on black eyes, right? 🙂

Nevertheless, after you gave yourself an answer to all this questions you are ready to choose your color contact lens. After purchasing them, don’t forget to take good care of them and keep them in special lenses solution. This way your lenses won’t deteriorate and neither will your eyes’ health.

Are you ready to take your colored contacts for a walk?

Now that you are the happy owner of a sexy pair of “new eyes”, you are ready to start playing with them. Of course, you need to play safe, so always wash your hands before handling the contacts. Wait a few seconds for extra solution to dry from their surface before introducing them into your eye, otherwise it might sting a little and they won’t stick to your iris. Also, pay attention to the side you are introducing the lens into your eye, the visible pattern should be put on the interior, if you by accident will introduce it in reverse it will not stay put onto your eye, so you need to take it our and turn it inside our gently, in order not to rip it.

Now you’re all set up, it’s time to apply make-up, your favorite dress and go out. You will notice that most people that do not know you, and don’t know the natural color of your eye, will not notice the change if you go for a semi-transparent natural contacts. Just enjoy and have fun, but don’t forget that it is not recommended to wear them for more than 6-8 hours per day. Otherwise they will dry to much and will be a pain in the eye 🙂 , therefore if you plan to stay out for more than 8 hours since you introduced them it would be a good idea to take their depositing case with you and fill it with solution, so that when you feel they get uncomfortable you can get them out, put them to a safe place in their solution and case, and enjoy the rest of your time without having to worry about deteriorating your lenses or hurting your eye health.

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